HotRock Ecoguard

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  • Screened to size & dyed bright in color for optimum spreadability
  • Sodium chloride coated with a liquid magnesium chloride and organic corn derived ice melter
  • Organic product builds in pavement each application to provide residual ice melting throughout winter
  • Residual build up of ice melter in pavement results in less chlorides used
  • Effective to -20°F

Less Corrosive:

A proprietary coating of organic corn derived and magnesium chloride ice melt liquid blend results in less corrosion by creating a barrier between the salt and metal.

Less bounce & scatter:

The organically derived liquid coating acts as a tackifier while also adding weight to each ice melting crystal resulting in less bounce & scatter.

Long Lasting:

The organically derived liquid coating creates a build up of the ice melter in the pavement throughout winter as it is applied creating a residual effect and a longer lasting melt.

Prevents Ice Bonding:

The build up of the organically derived liquid coating acts as a anti-stick barrier (similar to butter in a hot pan) decreasing snow & ice hard pack & allowing the pavement to be scrapped clean.

Safer for the Environment:

The result of applying less ice melter (chlorides) due to less bounce and scatter and a longer lasting residual effect make this product safer for the environment compared to rock salt & calcium chloride.

*Each salt crystal is coated with a de-icing liquid made from a refined corn carbohydrate derivative blended with magnesium chloride.