Iron Fighter pellet

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Why are we the Iron Fighter®?

When used in your water softener, our product removes several hard minerals from your water, including iron, calcium, magnesium, and even barium. However, this product takes it one step further, and attacks iron with a proprietary formula to reduce the chances of having red iron residue. Imagine washing your clothes and reducing the chances that you will get rust stains on the white sheets and towels. Imagine using less elbow grease scrubbing red rings from the drain around your sink and tub. After our water conditioning product removes hard minerals, you have soft, bright towels to wrap around your family, shiny dishes that can be used even with your most critical guests, and longer pipe and appliance life helping you save money to spend on something more fun.

We know the advanced science of how NaCI interacts within a water softener.

A truly brilliant formula: Diamond Crystal® Iron Fighter® Salt in, SOFT WATER out.

  • Our patented 2-handle, 40 lb bag make lifting and carrying easier than ever.
  • NSF certified, these pellets are recommended for most softeners, especially in regions with high iron water content.